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Our custodial service ensures flexibility through the myriad of products allowed within a single self-directed account including, but not limited to, the following public and private investment products. If you have a question regarding custody of a particular investment, please contact us by phone at 800-680-0340 or e-mail at irainfo@communitynationalbank.net.

Business Development Companies
Private Placements
Mutual Funds
Interval Funds
Certificates of Deposit
Limited Liability Corporations
Limited Partnerships
Direct Participation Programs
Private Bank Stock

Prior to acceptance of any non-publicly traded investment for custody, a copy of the subscription document and/or offering materials may be required to determine administrative feasibility.

You are urged to seek professional guidance and/or consider proper diversification and risk tolerance before directing any investment activity. Community National Bank (CNB) does not recommend or evaluate the prudence, merit, viability or suitability of any investment and will not be responsible for the performance of any investment product. CNB will provide custodial services with respect to the investments in your IRA, but we do not provide investment advice or information, nor are we the agent, partner, employee, representative, or affiliate of any financial representative, product sponsor or other individual or entity except as otherwise disclosed. We are not responsible for and are not bound by any representations, warranties, statements, agreements, disclosures, advice or information made by any such person beyond the terms and provisions contained in the CNB Custodial Agreement, Disclosure Statements, or other CNB forms or CNB documents.